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Jun 04 2012 Jun 04 2012
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StarForge Time

Posted Jun 04 2012 by thatguy in action , Action Industries Blog , blog , Doc3 , e3 , forge , industries , new , news , star , tech , updates

    Hello, our loyal masses. And be assured, there are countless masses coming to our site, and I'll be damned if they aren't loyal. This is the first entry of a long line of updates on whatever I feel like. Hopefully your read-ey balls will be pleased by these entries.     [caption id="attachment_102" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Ol' Blue Eyes after he reads each one of our articles."][/caption]   Anyways, found something fancy that people ought to check out. It's called StarForge. Not this Star Forge (it's ok- I thought of this one too), but StarForge. It's a new game from CodeHatch, which appears to be a young squad of developers with everything to prove. They might do it with this game. It's part Minecraft, part Halo, and part Warcraft mixed in with a healthy dose of OMFG-like expansiveness. This ain't your daddy's sandbox either. This brings a new meaning to "explore where ever you want". You can build wherever you want- underground, above ground, and even space.   [caption id="attachment_105" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Building...but in space."][/caption]   To add to the interesting-ness, why are you building, you may ask? Well, even if you aren't, we're going to pretend you are. When it hits night time, enemies (fairly zerg looking) may attack you, and you'll have to defend your base. So you best build it well, lest you get rushed. In any case, it is a pretty rad concept. I will be jumping into this thang and will write Action Industries' first review (of sorts) in the next few weeks. I'll post my reactions and observations. Deal? Deal.   In the meantime, however, check out their gameplay video. It gives a good summary of the game and shows how epic this world actually is. There's a download link to StarForge under the video. Or- you can just click here and start your download.   I would be remiss as a "journalist/blogger/keyboard smasher" if I didn't mention that E3 is this week. Some cool stuff has already happened there, but I'm going to pick a few of the stories from E3 and sum them up in the next article. So stay tuned- more "writing" to come.   Oh-also. Shameless plug. Action Industries, with our tons and TONS of content, has dipped its pinky toe into social media. We are on Twitter now, so if you want updates and such, we'll be announcing articles and content from there. Follow us here.   See you, space cowboy. -Doc3  

Sep 06 2011 Sep 06 2011
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We did it Brian!

Posted Sep 06 2011 by thatguy in action , Action Industries Blog , best , development , Doc3 , ever , industries , launch , pickles , thing , web

So, here we are. Welcome to Action Industries. If you're here already, that's either a) great for business or b) very creepy, as we have not even announced this site to anyone. So what's up? Why are we here? Why are we taking up space on this here interwebs? You're asking to many questions already. This won't bode well.   Action Industries is a loose confederacy of individuals who are essentially a creative vessel for hire. Pretty much like the USS Enterprise, if the USS Enterprise was less like a ship that explored the galaxy for the Federation, and more like a two person web development team for hire. That's right, we do websites. And we're not entirely bad at them either. However, until a date later discussed we aren't open for business. To clarify, we may actually be open for business...for the right price. That part is up to you.   Right now we just decided to put this placeholder of a site up to post some creative endeavors, images we've wasted time on, and some general commentary about whatever we feel like.  So if you like generally sarcastic blogs on things from memes, music, and graphic design to work, gaming, and the internets in general, this might be a place for you to hang out. If you're looking for the next bundt cake recipe, we're probably not the guys you'll want to turn to for that information.   That being said, consider this place officially launched. Well, as much as a website can officially launch with no fanfare, advertisement, or general excitement thrown its way. We'll be adding stuff every so often, so be sure to come back. Or don't, and go here instead.   Action Industries: Things were bad, but now they're good...forever!   We did it Brian!    

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